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We have successfully developed the electron binding energy equation, which accurately predicts the 1s orbital electron binding energies for all the atomic elements.

Secrets of the Aether

Secrets of the Aether, third edition, is now available online.  This 2004 work gives the equations for tapping Zero Point Energy, presents the world's first mathematically correct Unified Force Theory, explains dark matter, and even quantifies consciousness.  

If you're into fringe science and want to understand how physics should really work, this is the book you've been waiting for.  

All theory in Secrets of the Aether is backed by empirical data and simple, dimensional equations.  This is the way science should have been since 100 years ago, but wasn't.

Click here for the complete text and images of Secrets of the Aether.  

Two Types of Charges

Two Types of Charges Demonstration

Aether Physics Model

This revolutionary theory begins with the observation that all charge is distributed; up until now, physicists have incorrectly notated charge as a single dimension relative to a single dimension of mass.  Furthermore, there are two distinct manifestations of charges.

As a result of distributed charge notation, the Aether Physics Model produces a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory, Electron Binding Energy Equation, and even a correction for the NIST value of the neutron g-factor.

The Aether Physics Model also produces many more useful units than the Standard Model.  For example, eddy current is a new mathematical unit equal to magnetic flux squared or angular momentum times resistance.

Aether is an important concept in the Aether Physics Model as it is non-material reality and contributes to the structure of subatomic particles.

The Aether Physics Model is easy to comprehend since it is an extension of Classical Mechanics.